Everton 0-0 Liverpool in the 33rd round of Premier League 2017-18

Founded in 1878, Everton Football Club is a professional club with a long history located in Liverpool, England. It is one of the founding members of the Football League. The club has won nine League Championship trophies, five FA Cups and one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

Everton plays home games at Goodison Park, the first football stadium in the UK to have four double decker stands and use underfloor heating. There is a big difference between Goodison Park and other stadiums. Goodison Park is known for its lawn because some loyal fans’ ashes are buried under the lawn. Besides, the lawn is placed on a huge slabstone and the part of the slabstone is carved with countless fans’ names. The unique stadium has hosted a number of major sporting events, such as FA Cup and three group matches, a quarterfinal and a semi-final of 1966 World Cup.

Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs in the history of the England football and one of the most excellent clubs in Europe and the world. It has won 18 titles of the Premier League, seven FA Cups, eight English Football League Cups and so on. Anfield Stadium is the home stadium of the club in Liverpool, England, with a seating capacity of 54,074, making it the sixth largest football stadium in England. When there are matches being held, lots of football fans will come here to cheer on their favorite teams and the stadium will be crowded. If you want a special tour, you can also visit the stadium to enjoy the best atmosphere.

The match between Everton and Liverpool is called Merseyside derby. Football fans must be interested in these matches and become excited when watching them.

On 7 April 2018, an eye-catching Merseyside derby was held at Goodison Park, which was the 231st derby between the two squads. Everton played a game against its long-standing rival Liverpool. Players of Everton included Jordan Pickford, Philip Nikodem Jagielka, Tom Davies and so on. Liverpool’s players included Loris Karius, Nathaniel Clyne, Ragnar Klavan and so on. Finally, there was a draw between them. Maybe both sides were happy enough with the result.

Everton and Liverpool have played 51 games in the 17-18 Premier League until now, and Liverpool’s 22 wins and 20 draws make it stronger than Everton.

Gareth Southgate, the head coach of England national team, came to Goodison Park to watch the game and probably to select excellent players.

According to the Daily Mirror, a British national daily tabloid newspaper, a discussion was initiated on the social network after Southgate was appointed as the agent to manage the England national team. Someone said that the FA hired the most boring people in the world for the sake of safety. Besides, some football experts also expressed “desperation” over this decision.

However, after the team played four games, the winds of public opinion reversed instantly. In the three games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, England national team won two games and one draw. What’s more, “Three Lions” and Spain national team got the same points in a game.

The Midfield Invalidate the Lavish Spending Misadventures

The shadow of retirement of Muddled hanging over Everton for long time. In recent transfer window, Everton lavished a loads of money in introducing new football players. Spending more money seems to be the best manner to improve the situation. The Everton’s coach hope the two person can build up attacking ability of Everton as welcome West Brom to Goodison Park on Saturday.

There is no goalkeeper of opposite side confronted with efforts in the first half in recent football matches. Everton have lost four football games consecutively, leaving only two goals netted and 10 lost. Certainly, all football players in Everton football kits and coach of Everton would not like to see the negative sequence. The last five football games of Premier League and two football games held recently have not won one more goal for the club Everton. How could a club played many football games only ended without one target this period.

After the 4-0 big defeat to Tottenham Hotspur, those upset data and strategy established by Allardyce have caused many cleavages among many football lovers. It seems possible that there will not be more boring and worse condition than the extremely bad situation to watch. Many people may be curious about how could club Everton reached the position. In spite of the lavish spending of the club Everton in the last half year, most people only to find the situation even getting worse. The biggest negligence is that they cannot become the top scorer of club Everton, especially in early days. As time elapses, they have to attach much importance to other problems equivalent to the issue.

For an excellent professional football player, Barry is going to reach the termination of his football playing career. He could only this things to produce effect as much as he could. For his advantages in midfield, the team paid much attention to his understanding of the game and organization ability in depth. For the absence of critical football players and the damage in formation, the shortage of midfield playmaker is prominent in the whole season. Although Jordan Pickford has great effects in distribution, but this effects was affected by his goalkeeper identity. For the sake of injuries of first-choice full-backs like Seamus Coleman and Leighton Baines, defenders cannot keep calm anymore when in possession.

The complications lie in the position. Generally, there is a weak line between defensive third and the attacking third as defenders would like to passing ball to teammates. Given shortage of footballer in the group of Barry, some combine the football team together, adjusting the pace and providing inevitable attaching platform for footballers who good at creating in the final third. Considered the passing data and tried to include football players in games is obvious. In review of numbers of the footballers, the most excellent 10 football players are all defensive-style footballers. Gylfi Sigurdsson signed a professional contract with the football club for £45 million. The then recorded contract has spent a large sum of money of the team.

Walcott Moved from Arsenal to Everton

Theo Walcott would like to find a fresh start under the direction of football coach Sam Allardyce of Everton. Recently, he accomplished his move to football club Everton for £20 million with a three-and-a-half-year contract.

He was born in Stanmore, England on  16 March 1989. When he was in primary school, the footballer has showed amazing talent in gymnastics. He broke the records in a sports meet, creating the then 11’5’’ achievements. Ahead of his 12-year Arsenal spell, he started his football playing career with Southampton. For his talent in running and ball-crossing ability, the coach has deployed him on the wing mostly.

In 2006, he moved to club Arsenal for £5 million; for outstanding performances in football games for club and national team, the transfer fee has rose to £12 million. The preliminary fee were paid by instalments, the rest increments was paid after every ten football matches of Premier League. At the very beginning, he joined in Everton as a scholar. In March 2006, he signed a professional contract with the Gunners. In September 2008, the football coach Arsène Wenger admitted the football player was sought-after among several football clubs like Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Liverpool.

It was unexpected that Walcott earned his first cap for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, in despite of only a few appearances in football matches of senior football team. Although having been taken as a substitute for several footballers, he cannot expressed his talents for the national football club. Walcott turned to be the youngest footballer player ever for the U21 team. Actually, the football game is the debut for the England U21 team.

He is an aggressive and competitive footballer, because he would like to push himself forward. This is the explanation from him on the move. When it refers to the move, many positive remarks are as follows:

“For the participation of Theo Walcott, Everton perhaps to reach a higher level.”

“I am glad to see the new chapter of the football club, and the join of the former veteran of Arsenal may inject new blood into the team.”

From he played for the Gunners aged 16 in 2006, Theo Walcott won 108 goals for Arsene Wenger’s squad, and he is also the footballer who is the longest-serving player in the history of Arsenal. In the long term serving for Arsenal, he was force to suspend for serious injuries several times, and he also made contributions to football matches at the Emirates in a back-three formation.

He was dispatched to play for many cup games this season. He wish he could reach the prime level of his football playing career or even break records by his unremitting efforts. In order to recoup the powerful Turkish striker in attack, Everton signed the footballer Cenk Tosun this month. In the last season, he scored 19 goals for his team, creating the second best achievements of his football playing career. With the surprising accolades, he only to find himself was excluded out of a new formation after coach’s adjustment in formation.