Severe Fracture of Everton’s James McCarthy

For severe fracture of both legs, the footballer James McCarthy of football club Everton has to receive an operation on Monday. The football team Everton failed to cut a striking figure in Premier League matches. They scored the first goal of the football club after the 1-1 draw at Goodison Park in Saturday. Unfortunately, the joyous of winning a goal have been offset by the serious double-leg break of James McCarthy in the second half of the football match.

He got injured in the contention for football while he was kicked by the forward of West Brom – Salomon Rondon. At that time, Salomon Rondon intended to kick the football off him. The 27 years old was hurt severely in his third league match in the season; he had come back from a spell on the sidelines in December prior to this injury. He even cannot walk on his feet, and he was taken off on a stretcher. When witnessed the injury in the flesh, Salomon Rondon was distraught and depressed, and he post a tweet to extend his apology. He blamed himself in this event for the severe sequence.

It is a devastation for an excellent professional football player. At that time, all competitions are forgotten about. The only thing all expected is to see the return of the excellent football player. In addition, Allardyce confirmed that the Ireland national football team will not play football games until next season. Everton felled behind a little for the 1-1 draw against West Brom. For the coach of Everton manager Sam Allardyce, the 1-1 draw is a poor remark for his 1000th match in English football. The grimmest football match added an ugly stroke in his coach career.

The football team already felled behind by the time. Prior to save a goal by a right back, the Ben Foster of West Brom ended the embarrassing condition as sarcastic cheers and chanting arrived.

After the big 4-0 defeat to another football team at Tottenham in the previous game, they have not track the source of irony. The manager proposed that Everton need to be more boring and less adventurous. Although the wording is confusing and seems impossible, the team need to save the declining trend in short time. In the following seven consecutive football matches, there is no win among them, which proves the words of the manager to a certain extent. That is also an obvious evidence proving them lack of adventure in exploring new way.

Positive Effects

Everton has performed poorly for a long time against a weaker team when they arrived at Goodison. Through 20 league matches, there is only one win among those football games. Given the situation, Everton should be grateful for their rare points, which means one more step towards to the necessary intestine needed in every stage in the summer.

Negative Effects

The whole strategy is totally a mess, and shirking responsibility in the game shall be attributed to too many passengers, especially in midfield.

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